Hey, I'm Maxim Kovalski

and i'm a

As a Full Stack Development student with a background in system administration,
I'm passionate about programming and eager to gain hands-on experience in building
dynamic web applications and dependable systems that help your business succeed.




Markup language used for structuring and presenting content on the web.


Styling language used for enhancing the visual appearance of HTML elements.


Front-end framework for creating responsive and mobile-first web designs with pre-built components.


Programming language for adding interactivity, dynamic behavior, and logic to web pages.


JavaScript library for building reusable UI components and managing complex user interfaces efficiently.


Visual Studio Code

Lightweight source code editor with extensive features and language support.


Distributed version control system for efficient collaboration and tracking of code changes.


Web-based platform for hosting and managing Git repositories, popular for open-source projects.

Google Developer Tool

Set of web development tools provided by Google, including Chrome DevTools and APIs for integrating with Google services.



Open-source runtime environment that allows server-side execution of JavaScript code..


Document-oriented NoSQL database system, known for its flexibility and scalability.


Popular open-source relational database management system, widely used for storing and retrieving structured data.



The project is a task tracking application built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It allows users to create, edit, and delete tasks. Users can mark tasks as important or regular and easily manage their task list. The application saves tasks in the browser's local storage for persistent data
.It provides a simple and efficient way for users to stay organized and track their tasks effectively.


The provided code represents a Memory Game project implemented using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.The Memory Game is a classic card matching game where players need to find pairs of matching cards.


The project is a simple Snake game implemented using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. where the player controls a snake to eat fruits while avoiding obstacles. It has different difficulty levels, scoring, and time limits. The game features sound effects, a game over screen, and the ability to restart.


The given code implements a simple image gallery using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It includes two galleries with navigation arrows to switch between images. The JavaScript class handles image transitions, autoplay, and event listeners. CSS styles define the gallery's appearance, including a background gradient and font. Overall, it creates a responsive and visually appealing image gallery.


The given code represents a simple calculator project implemented using HTML, SCSS, and TypeScript. The project provides a user interface with number buttons, symbol buttons, and a display screen.


The project is a web page that allows users to search for Pokemon and view their details. It fetches data from the PokeAPI and displays information such as name, ability, type, weight, and an image of the Pokemon. The page has a responsive layout and visually appealing design.


The project is a Hebrew web form for collecting user information.
It includes fields for name, last name, and ID/passport number, with validation to ensure accuracy.
Users can select language preferences and indicate guardianship. The form provides confirmation and successful submission alerts.



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